Our Facilities

Live Room

Control Room

Our control room is acoustically treated for the clearest and most accurate representation of your music. Ensuring us the ability to mix your music to the highest quality 

Live Room

Our large x ft by x ft live room can cater for full live band recording.The size and full wooden floor  produces beautiful natural reverb with a curved ceiling which reduces bass build up , giving the clearest reverb for an organic atmosphere in recordings. 

Ideal for capturing the perfect live performance of an artist. 

Chill out room

The chill out area is great for artists to compose themselves and prepare for the recording process. 

Free tea and coffee available

Live Room

Our live room is one of the biggest in Ireland.. Allowing us to capture live performances and take advantage of the natural reverb produced in the room. The room is treated professionally so that no unnecessary bass is captured in the recordings. Meaning that we can capture the purest version of your performances and to the highest quality