The Home of Modern Music

Leinster Music Academy is based in SL Studios. We concentrate on modern music and instruments as well as modern music production course such as DJ skills as well as traditional and acoustic instruments. With access to the recording studio facilitates for class work and in order to help musicians improve and obtain the skills necessary to reach their musical goals.

Our Objectives

To help musicians of all kinds and skill levels to:

Reach Their Musical Goals


Surpass Them


Set New Goals


What we offer


From Beginner to Advanced

Electric Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Theory

Guitar Techniques

Electric Bass

Bass Theory

How to record

Basic Pro-tools classes

Drum Theory

Drum lessons

Production Skills

Mixing Skills

Song Arrangement



Recording Preparation

Our Tutors

Our tutors are friendly and professional. They have been teaching and working professionally in the music industry for many years.

Our main goal is to help you to develop and realise your full potential. Concentrating on technique, theory, song-writing and creativity


As we're based in a Studio we have the ability to record our students

Allowing them to hear themselves back and track their progress over the duration of their lessons


With Access to our large live room

Students are give the opportunity to preform in front of their peers while experiencing a professional set up

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& Fees

With offers available as well as full term rates