Music Courses Offered


  • 1 on 1 Lessons
  • Group Lessons
    -2 person groups
    -5 to 6 person groups


Guitar Lessons

We teach beginner to advanced guitar. Both electric and acoustic guitar.  Concentrating on Theory, Techniques, Song-writing  and Performance. Covering all genres and styles of guitar playing such as Blues, Jazz, Metal and more.

Bass Lessons

Beginner to advanced bass lessons.  Teaching Theory, Techniques, Writing  Rhythm Section Melodies  and Performance. Covering all genres and styles of music such as Blues, Jazz, Metal and more.

Drum Lessons

Teaching beginner to Advanced drums. Covering techniques, drum theory, sign reading and rudiments. While teaching all genres  helping drummers to be the most rounded and prepared player possible.


We offer classes in basic music production, giving musician an insight into what is involved in recording and producing music. With basic lessons on music production software, using software to compose music and production classes in live sound and gig set-up

DJ Skills

We offer classes in  Virtual DJing , live electronic performance as well as oldschool turntable DJing.

It has also never been easier to produce music at home using a laptop and some software such as Ableton or  Reason. Our classes focus on the use of software in song-writing and how best to use the many available digital instruments, plug-ins and   DAWs (digital audio workstation)

Band Coaching

Our tutors have many years experience as gigging musicians and as song-writers. We offer band-coaching to help bands reach their full potential. Helping with song-arrangement, performance, production advice for live sound, recording preparation and  most importantly giving the band an outside opinion on where they can improve .


Fees for one term

One term is 10 weeks

Instrument Lessons

1 on 1 Lessons

One hour –€350

45 mins  –€280

30 mins  –€200

Group Lessons

1 hour lessons

5 to 6 person group – €150

Group of two                 –€200