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The Premier Recording Studio & Rehearsal Space

Our Studio  

We cater for the clients who wants a Professional Product at a very reasonable price . With our talented engineers we ensure you will get a high end product that will stand up against any record out there.

Our Workflow

We can record up to 20 simultaneous channels using our analogue desk and high end interfaces. Be it a full band live recording or layered track by track recording we have you covered.

Our Rehearsal Space 

We can also accommodate you in our live room that doubles as a rehearsal and practice space available to be rented for very reasonable hourly or monthly rates.

What We Offer


We offer In-Studio Recording as well as Mobile Recording. With the ability to record a full band at the same time in our live room. We can also record music on location while still being able to produce high quality recordings


Our team have many years of experience in song writing and music producing, we can make sure your song ends up sounding the best it possibly can


Our beautifully treated control room at SL Studios guarantees we can hear your music the way it should be heard, letting us mix to the high quality our clients have come to expect. We also offer online mixing

Session Musicians

With our large catalogue of session musicians we have make sure your vision of your music is a achieved.

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We offer a range of Other Services


Roland RP 301 Digital piano

Our Chief Engineer is Damian Brady HND. Damian started off his music career as a Composer/Musician. He has being making music for over 20 years and has made many genres including, prog rock, electronic to acoustic singer songwriter. 

He is known for his passion for music, general relaxed vibes from the get go and really knowing how to get a good workflow going and how to get the most out of whoever he works with. Damian’s passion and drive for perfection to provide a high quality service that you can be very happy with.

Our treated Control Room ensures we hear your music the way it should be heard

Studio Equipment

Arrow-bullet-point     Tascam 688, 10 Chanel mixing desk
Arrow-bullet-point     A&H Studio Wizard, 16 Channel
Arrow-bullet-point     RME Fireface 802, 12 Channel
Arrow-bullet-point     Focusrite ISA One preamp
Arrow-bullet-point     GAP 1073 preamp x3
Arrow-bullet-point     Apogee Ensemble Audio interface and Audio to digital converter
Arrow-bullet-point     SPL Vitalizer
Arrow-bullet-point     Technics 1500 2 channel master tape machine
Arrow-bullet-point     RNC Compressor


Arrow-bullet-point     Pro Tools 12
Arrow-bullet-point     Logic 9 
Arrow-bullet-point     Ableton 9 
Arrow-bullet-point     Slate Digital Full suite
Arrow-bullet-point     Native instruments Full Suite
Arrow-bullet-point     Relab – lx480 reverb
Arrow-bullet-point     Softube – Saturation
Arrow-bullet-point     Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate
Arrow-bullet-point     Slate SSD 4 With Blackbird expansion pack
Arrow-bullet-point     Dada Life Sausage Fattener

Slate native instruments protools albleton live

Arrow-bullet-point    Shure SM86
Arrow-bullet-point    Shure  SM57 x 2
Arrow-bullet-point    Shure  SM58 x 2
Arrow-bullet-point     Shure SM86
Arrow-bullet-point     SM57BETA
Arrow-bullet-point      Neumann TLM 103 x2
Arrow-bullet-point      Golden Age Project Active Ribbon mic
Arrow-bullet-point     Audix D2(x2) D4,D6,i5 Drum Mics
Arrow-bullet-point     SE Electronics SE 220 x 2
Arrow-bullet-point     SE Electronics SE 5 x2
Arrow-bullet-point     Small diaphragm condenser Mic – Matched pair



Arrow-bullet-point     Spendor monitors
Arrow-bullet-point     Blue sky 2.1 full range
Arrow-bullet-point     Avantone MixCube
Arrow-bullet-point     Sennheiser HD650



Arrow-bullet-point     Marshall JCM 900 100 watt high gain
Arrow-bullet-point     Fender blues JR
Arrow-bullet-point     Fender Bassman 
Arrow-bullet-point     Ampeg Bass Cab
Arrow-bullet-point     Laney
Arrow-bullet-point     Fender Deluxe



Arrow-bullet-point     1979 Gibson Les Paul
Arrow-bullet-point     Fender Telecaster
Arrow-bullet-point     Custom hand made acoustic guitar 

les paul telecaster and 12 string


Arrow-bullet-point     Strymon Big sky
Arrow-bullet-point     Strymon Timeline delay
Arrow-bullet-point     TC Electronics Poly Tune Mini
Arrow-bullet-point     EHX Big Muff Fuzz pedal
Arrow-bullet-point     Others Available on Request 


Arrow-bullet-point     Yamaha Recording Custom drum kit
Arrow-bullet-point     Roland RP 301 Digital piano
Arrow-bullet-point     Hammond organ 
Arrow-bullet-point     Roland D -50
Arrow-bullet-point     Roland – SH – 201
Arrow-bullet-point     Jomox Mbass 11
Arrow-bullet-point     Korg MS-20

Roland RP 301 Digital piano

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We also offer a great cup of tea or coffee in our chill out room.

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